More Retailers Have Plus-Sized Mannequins

Most mannequins are only a size 2 or 0

More retailers, both big box and locally owned, are putting plus-sized mannequins in their stores.

The average American woman is a size 12 or 14, but most mannequins are only size 2 or 0. Some shoppers and retailers both say they feel there’s a need for more representation in stores.

“From my personal experience, when I’m shopping with my friends or family, and we’re all different sizes, typically when you’re in the mall, one has to go to one store, and one has to go to another. I’ve never liked that,” Lauren Zima, owner of “The Nines” in Detroit Lakes, said.

That’s why she wanted everyone to feel included in her store.

“There’s not as much money necessarily in it. I do it because this is a labor of love. I want people to feel special and that’s more important to me than making more money,” she said.

One shopper says she doesn’t see much representation at most places she goes.

“Not enough. Every time I go out shopping, there’s probably like three or four I’ll see, or they’re barely plus sized,” Shandi Reynolds said.

Big box stores like Target have plus-sized mannequins scattered throughout their stores, so people of all body types can feel included when they go shopping for clothes.

The Fargo location put in their plus-sized mannequins during their last remodel, and team members say the response from customers has been very positive.

“A lot of them are really grateful that these mannequins look like them. They are seeing their own representation in stores they’re shopping in now and they feel a little more comfortable and instead of going to size 2 models or size 0 models they have models that are size 26, 22,” Amber Zolondek, visual merchandiser lead for the store, said.

She says the mannequins have given some customers a boost of confidence.

“I’ve had girls come in and they’re almost wearing the exact same outfit from here, and seeing their face, ‘we’re actually matching!’ to me, that’s when it becomes real,” she said.

“I think it’s great. I think more women should be represented equally as larger women, smaller women, any body type— clothes should cater to every woman,” Reynolds said.

Target offers clothes from size 4 to 26.

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