GOP Convention Wraps Up in Minnesota: Latest on the Nominations


MINNESOTA — The Minnesota Republican Party  wrapped up their convention in Duluth.

Earlier today, the GOP endorsed Jeff Johnson for Governor and candidates for the state’s constitutional offices.

“Are we a party of the political class, the wealthiest donors, the lobbyists, or are we a party of grass roots republicans?” Johnson said.

The Minnesota GOP endorsed Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson in his big for governor.

Johnson will take on former Governor Tim Pawlenty in the republican primary election on August 14th.

Johnson’s running mate is Duluthian Donna Bergstrom.

She told us it felt great to have the convention in her home city.

“The grassroots is here in our party working for the convention and it would be great to get that grassroots support,” Bergstrom said.

Republicans endorsed State Senator Karin Housley and Representative Jim Newberger for Minnesota’s two vacant U.S. Senate seats.

They also endorsed Doug Wardlow for Attorney General John Howe for Secretary of State and Pam Myhra for State Auditor.

“These candidates are so inspiring. They’ve got great values, great stories, they know how to connect authentically with the people of Minnesota and their values and their positions are right for how we can move our state in a better direction,” said Jennifer Carnahan, the Minnesota Republican Party Chair.

The GOP’s 2018 Slogan is “Make Minnesota Red.

Something they hope they have the momentum to do in November.

“The DFL has really lost their base so we’re here to gather those people and rally them for our cause,” said Randy Goutermont, the Republican House District 3A Candidate.

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