A Look Into the Future: People Observe New Robotic Technology in Fargo

The John Henry Foster Industrial Robotics and Automation Expo showcases new technology

FARGO, N.D. —┬áPeople got a firsthand glimpse at the future of industrial robotics and automation in Fargo.

The annual John Henry Foster Industrial Robotics and Automation Expo allows people to see how new technology enables robots to complete different tasks.

Some of the robots could pick up cups, rearrange lettered tiles, and move objects to various locations.

The goal of the expo is to provide customers the opportunity to see how robotics could help their workforce.

“We show all our products, try to bring in the most hot, popular products, the new products, so they can come see it, they can feel it, they can touch it, and then they could talk to our vendors, they can talk to our reps, and we help them from there,” said Mark Augustin, the Vice President of Automation at John Henry Foster.

A similar expo will be held in Alexandria tomorrow with events in Sioux Falls and Mankato later this summer.

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