Great Plains Food Bank Receives $102,000 Donation from CHS

The food bank has received more than $885,000 from CHS since 2011

FARGO, N.D. — Great Plains Food Bank received a big boost from the Northland Region of CHS Country Operations.

They donated over $102,000 to help out several food pantries across North Dakota.

Ever since 2011, CHS, the nation’s leading farmer–owned cooperative, has donated over $880,000 to the Great Plains Food Bank.

The partnership is fueled by the cooperative’s initiative to eradicate hunger nationwide.

“As much as we like to think everything is really great here, there’s a lot of hunger problems, and nobody knows if it’s your neighbor down the street who needs the help. We’re very happy with what the Great Plains Food Bank does and what they accomplish,” said Dale Beck, the Energy Department Manager at CHS Dakota Plains.

In a nationwide campaign, CHS gathered over $540,000 and 215,000 pounds of food for several food pantries across the country.

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