More Than 70 Local Vendors Set Up Shop at FM Pride Fest Market

The market is part of a weekend worth of festivities for the FM Equality Project

FARGO, N.D. — After moving to the Fargo–Moorhead area two years ago, Chris Davin wanted to create an event that could promote equality across the Metro.

“June is National Pride Month all over the world, so I figured why not bring the organization out here,” said Davin, the Founder of the Fargo Moorhead Equality Project.

This led to the Fargo Moorhead Equality Project’s first ever Pride Fest, a weekend filled with many events ranging from music performances to dance parties to the market.

Over 72 vendors decided to support the fight for equality.

“Really to be honest I was actually surprised. We had companies that were just emailing us left and right asking if they could be part of it, which is amazing that so many companies in the community are so supportive of the LGBT,” said Davin.

And these groups jumped at the chance to help the cause.

“It is very important to support them because they do bring business to you and I feel we should support them back,” said Melinda Martin, the owner of Northern Designs Floral, Jewelry, and Candy.

With all the local support he has received for this year’s Pride Fest, Davin says next year’s will be bigger and better.

“We’re going to be moving the marketplace to be on Saturday and Sunday. We’ve got different blow up games coming from Fargo Games Galore,” said Davin.

Davin says hosting Pride Fest is an important step in spreading acceptance and understanding across the metro.

“That way people know that we’re out there, there are organizations that are out there to help them. A lot of people don’t know about all of the different organizations and resources that we have to offer,” said Davin.

Pride Fest wraps up tomorrow, June 9, with Drag Brunch at the Holiday Inn in Fargo.

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