Grassroots Organization Looks to Give Voters More Choices on Ballot

"Approve Fargo" is holding a big meeting on June 22 to drum up support for their initiative

FARGO, N.D. — A group in Fargo is trying to raise awareness for a new kind of voting system that will leave voters more of an option on the ballot.

Approval voting is when you can vote for as many or as few of candidates as you want as opposed to picking candidates for the sake of just voting for somebody.

Jed Limke, the founder of the grassroots campaign “Approve Fargo”, says this system is a win–win for both candidates and voters alike.

“It also leads us to a situation where the candidates who are elected don’t necessarily know if they received the support of the people or if they just received support because people opposing them split up the support, so it’s good for the candidates and it’s good for us the voters,” said Limke.

The Center for Election Science is holding a forum on Friday at 5:30 at the Dakota Medical Foundation to discuss this process further.

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