Approval Voting

LIVE: Breaking Down The Midterms

MSUM Political Science Professor Dr. Barbara Headrick Breaks Down Races In ND & MN

  Dr. Barbara Headrick, MSUM Political Science professor, breaks down the biggest races in North Dakota and Minnesota with Adam Ladwig and Emily Welker. She talks about whether or not there’s enough polling data to accurately predict the Heidi Heitkamp/Kevin Cramer Senate race in North Dakota, and why she thinks the results will be closer than the polls say. Dr….

Local Group Leads Charge to Change the Way People Vote on Election Day

Approval voting is a system where there's no limit on the number of candidates a voter can vote for

FARGO, N.D. — Jed Limke has lived in Fargo for the last ten years, and he says the current election system in the city is too constricting for voters. “Good ideas become the victim of their own popularity. Lots of people will run on them, then the base for those good ideas gets split, and they lose because of it, and…

Grassroots Organization Looks to Give Voters More Choices on Ballot

"Approve Fargo" is holding a big meeting on June 22 to drum up support for their initiative

FARGO, N.D. — A group in Fargo is trying to raise awareness for a new kind of voting system that will leave voters more of an option on the ballot. Approval voting is when you can vote for as many or as few of candidates as you want as opposed to picking candidates for the sake of just voting for somebody….