Kosel Family Agriculture Land Lab Benefits NDSCS Students

The land lab is a way for agriculture students at NDSCS to get out of the classroom and learn by doing

WAHPETON, N.D.– Agriculture students at NDSCS got their hands a little dirty!

The Kosel Family Agriculture Land Lab is a way for Ag students at NDSCS to get out of the classroom and learn by doing. The land lab was planted last spring thanks to the donations made by Linda Patterson and Mary Kosel to the NDSCS Foundation.

“This is just an awesome opportunity for us, for the first time in the history of NDSCS to have an Ag land lab, and this is going to be a great opportunity for our students to get hands–on experience, to be out in the field, get their hands dirty they say,” executive director of NDSCS Foundation Kim Nelson said.

Students will be able to use nearly 95 acres as an agricultural lab to reinforce their out of classroom experience.

“I think the big thing is that we’re going to be able to come out of the classroom and be more hands on which I think will make our students more prepared,”agriculture department chair of NDSCS Craig Zimprich said. “I think interacting with industry experts is going to open doors for our students and make them more prepared.”

The NDSCS Agriculture Department collaborated with Peterson Farms Seed and RDO Equipment Company, which Zimprich says could set them apart from other programs in the Midwest.

“It’s hopefully going to really improve classroom experiences,” NDSCS agriculture student Amber Hasbargen said. “We’re going to get to come out here and experience the growing process, I mean most of us are farm kids so we know all about it, but we’re going to get to experience a lot more of different varieties and different ways to go about producing.”

Each year, the Ag program at NDSCS works with between 80 and 90 students. By having access to this farmland, students will learn from professionals in the farming industry.

“We’re going to get to come out and look at what we’re producing and what we’re learning all about is going to be right here and you know right in pretty much close to our backyard,” Hasbargen said.

The Kosel Family Agriculture Land lab is located along Richland County Road 10 in Wahpeton.

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