ND Agriculture Leaders & Advocates Rally to Support Farmers

WEST FARGO, N.D. – Leaders of North Dakota farm organizations and so–called hunger advocates rallied to show support for agriculture amid issues they have with trade and the farm bill.

The North Dakota Farmers Union projects farmers will lose 30 percent in income this year.

The North Dakota Dairy Coalition’s president says American dairy exports need to be protected since they provide a $628 billion impact to our country’s economy.

“We need a farm bill that provides a safety net for our farmers, our growers, our ranchers, those who grow our food. And we also need a farm bill that protects our safety net for food and secure North Dakotans and Americans,” Melissa Sobolik with the Great Plains Food Bank said.

Farmers earn less than 15 cents of each dollar spent on food according to the North Dakota Farmers Union.

That’s the lowest share since USDA began tracking the figure in 1993.