Trump Supporters Line Up Early For His Fargo Speech, Some Overnight

FARGO, N.D. – Supporters of President Trump started arriving Tuesday night to camp out at Scheels Arena.

“We got here last night at 8:30, at night, then we sat up here and then we celebrated our love for Trump through the night with all of these other Trump supporters,” Randal Thorn said.

Not just North Dakotans attended the rally. Some flew in from across the country to hear President Trump speak.

“My husband and I flew in yesterday from Georgia and we flew in last night. We’ll be here today and we’re flying home tomorrow,” Lisa Ashley said.

When asked what brought them out here…

“Well, two things, this is my 50th state that I’ve been to. I’ve been looking for a great reason to come to North Dakota to check it off my list, and coming to a Trump Rally, what a great memory,” Ashley said.

“I love coming to the Trump rallies because it’s a love fest. I mean, it’s so wonderful to connect with like–minded Trump people, like–minded supporters, like–minded people that believe in America first,” Thorn said.

And when asked what they are hoping to hear…

“Just the pride he has for his country,” Kindra Viktora said.

“I hate to see the division that the country is coming to so I hope that he’ll speak of unity,” Ashley said.

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