“He’d be honored he was able to help all these people” Man Who Died in Mapleton Crash Donates His Organs

FARGO, N.D.  – Last Thursday, Cameron Bolton was one of the many injured in a Mapleton crash. Days later, Cameron didn’t make it. His stepdad describes how the 22–year–old will continue on.

“Cameron’s leaving us and this is my way of seeing Cameron live on in other people. And, so, physiologically it makes me feel better it helps me understand this better because I don’t understand why he was taken to us at the age of 22,” Cameron’s Step Father Arlin Fisher said.

In the hours following the crash with a Lisbon basketball team, Cameron Bolton’s friends and family were praying for a miracle.

“Just well–liked by many, sometimes an instigator but it had that little bit of charm,” Fisher explained.

When their wishes didn’t come true about 72 hours later, Cameron’s family realized there was a bigger purpose to losing him.

“He would be so darn proud. I mean, he was the type of guy that he loved to help people. He’d be honored that he was actually able to help out all these people,” Fisher said.

After coming to the realization goodbyes were in the near future, his family had to make a hard decision.

“The question finally came up where my wife asked if this was Cameron needing a kidney would we want someone else to hold it the extra two or three days for him to receive it. And at that point the decision makers in the finally it flipped right away and we said yes, let’s make sure we can get him through so that we can donate,” Fisher said.

The extra days means the donation of up to 12 organs, the extra hours saving nearly 20 lives.

“It makes myself, my wife, his biological father everybody extremely proud of what Cameron did. I mean it’s one of the greatest compliments you can ever have,” Fisher said.

Arlin says as he and his loved ones spent their final minutes making that difficult decision, something else told them they were doing the right thing.

“The sun is shining, the decision made and a rainbow showed up. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I think there is more to this one,” Fisher explained.

Arlin wants people to know this was truly the definition of an accident. He says the driver, a friend of Cameron’s, got blinded by the sunlight for a split second, and could have been the reason for the crash. Since then the driver has spent time with the family, who reminds him this wasn’t his fault.

Over the last few days, dozens file into Sanford Medical Center to send their condolences.

“It’s been so powerful I don’t know how one would make it throughout without the support that we’re getting,” Fisher said.

Cameron’s stepdad says instead of asking for flowers at his funeral, they will be asking for materials to donate to the West Fargo Public Schools Trapshooting Club in honor of his passion for hunting.

If you would like to sign up to become an organ donor, click here.

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