Fargo Police Taking Applications for New Officers

The next entry level test date is July 30

FARGO, N.D. – The Fargo Police Department is looking to fill seven positions, and you can apply even if you don’t have any experience.

“We’ve had airline pilots, we’ve had electricians, people with different backgrounds have different experiences and life experiences that will help contribute to being a good police officer,” Jessica Schindeldecker, public information officer for the department, said.

If you’ve been an officer for at least three years, you can apply year–round. If you have no policing experience, you have to take a test that’s only offered a few times a year. If you pass, you’ll go onto an interview.

“[Applicants should] be prepared for some common questions like why you want to be a police officer. Every time that’s going to be asked,” Schindeldecker said.

After the interview, you’ll go through a background check and physical and psychological tests. Officers say one of the key parts of serving the community is being humble and having the ability to self–reflect.

“You’re always learning and always evolving every single day. One call for service is going to be completely different from one day to the next,” Schindeldecker said.

She says her own experience involved a lot of learning.

“I’m from where, I grew in West Fargo, but I didn’t know the city of Fargo hardly at all. The city looks different at night than it does in the day. It’s a lot harder to get around at night when you’re looking for things,” she said.

Ultimately, the department is looking for people who will best serve the community.

“The biggest thing they really need to make sure is that they’re humble and they always maintain that integrity because once that trust is gone the community won’t trust us. And it’s really important to our department that our city, our community supports us,” Schindeldecker said.

The next test day for entry level police officers is July 30.

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