Remembering Ed Schultz: Local Broadcast Legend Who Made it National

From local play–by–play and sports shows to national politics, commentary and his very own prime time show

FARGO, N.D. – After passing away at the age of 64, people are remembering local broadcast legend, Ed Schultz for his unique personality and success.

KVRR’s Jessie Cohen joins us live to tell us about his journey from co–workers and people from the community.

This radio building off of 25th street in Fargo is where Ed Schultz’s once small broadcast career went from local to national.

Take a look at the legacy, the man who stood strongly behind his beliefs, left behind.

“Here we go again, baby. Welcome to News and Views,” Schultz said.

“He was getting ready to go on and there were different personalities I mean Ed had a strong personality like I said but he said ‘Hey Don what time is it?’ and I said ‘Well, you know it’s like whatever it was it’s two minutes to ten’ and he said ‘No’ he said ‘It’s show time.,” said Don Haney, who worked with Schultz back in the day.

Ed Schultz was the man who left an everlasting impression on those who listened.

“He was a fixture…,” said Bryon Smith, a man who played community football with Schultz.

From local play–by–play and sports shows…

“…ya know at NDSU he broadcast to KFGO at that time as a sports announcer,” Smith said.

To national politics, commentary and his very own primetime show.

“I follow politics very closely and I know Ed from MSNBC and as I told ya I disagreed with everything that ever came out of his mouth,” said Dan K. from Fargo.

He was the guy who told it like it was.

“The administration is afraid that it will create a Vietnam impression,” Schultz said.

“Like him or not, he was the guy that got the point across,” Haney said.

After being a star football player at MSUM and going professional, Schultz came back to the metro.

He sat down and said I don’t know what I’m going to do he said ‘Ed you’ve got the gift of gab.’

“You know radio when it’s in your blood you always want to get back to your roots,” Schultz said.

Searching to scratch his itch.

“He said I’ve got a guy here, Ed Schultz, you knew him from playing football, he’d like to try out for a sports broadcaster, Adelson said well send him over we’ll give him an air check and see what goes on and they hired him that day and that was the beginning of Ed’s broadcast career,” Haney said.

Originally from Virginia, the east coast native’s distinct personality moved him from Fargo–Moorhead to Washington D.C.

“That was his nature and I think that was the key to his success,” Haney said.

And now people are looking back on where he started his craft.

“I remember playing against him,” Smith said.

“It’s a great hometown boy makes good story and I’m genuinely sorry to hear of his passing but again other side of the isle,” Dan K. said.

Behind the mic and behind the screen, Ed left his mark locally and nationally.

“I don’t think there was ever anything he would not do to get the story,” Haney said.

Schultz passed away in Washington D.C. of natural causes.

He is most known for his work with MSNBC, Ed Schultz News and Commentary and most recently a primetime weekday show, News with Ed Schultz on RT America, which is run by the Russian Government.

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