ND Congressional Candidate Schneider Wants Congress To Have A Say With Tariffs

The congressional candidate and former state senate minority leader says he is truly disappointed in the administration's actions

FARGO, N.D. — Mac Schneider says the trade war with China is affecting North Dakota farmers and ranchers.

The congressional candidate and former state senate minority leader says he is truly disappointed in the administration’s actions.

He says it is extremely harmful to be in a trade war, not just with China, but with our allies.

Schneider is letting the people of North Dakota know that if elected he will help change the course of action.

“What the he administration needs to understand is that this trade war is a threat to the livelihood of farmers and ranchers here in North Dakota and when something is as serious as export markets and trading relationships are put on the line to me it only makes sense for Congress to have an increased role in oversight at those kinds of issues of importance,” said Mac Schneider, who is running for Congress.

Schneider’s opponent, Republican State Senator Kelly Armstrong, issued a statement on tariffs.

“North Dakota farmers and ranchers are the lifeblood of our state’s economy. I have said from the beginning of these talks, President Trump needs to be aware of how high the stakes are for our producers.

With already low commodity prices, it is vitally important that we secure better trade deals so the family farm can export their crop to all potential customers, and get a fair price. We have a $375 billion trade deficit with China. Our farmers deserve to get a fair price for producing the highest quality soybeans in the world.

Past trade enforcement actions with China have been completely ineffective. China continues to be a bad actor on trade and is guilty of significant intellectual property theft. To believe traditional sanctions put in place by past administrations, which have not worked, will work in the future, is foolish.

The Trump administration is fighting to secure fair trade for our producers. However, the thousands of family farms across North Dakota cannot afford a long standoff with China on trade.

I have been given assurances the Trump administration is doing everything to ensure these efforts will result in fair trade policies with China, that will in turn get our farmers a fair price for their crop.

I commend President Trump and the USDA for giving our producers a strong safety net during this short-term uncertainty. I will remain committed to helping North Dakota’s farmers and ranchers while in Congress, and securing the safety net and certainty that our producers deserve.”


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