United Way of Cass-Clay Begins 20th Annual School Supply Drive

Having all of the school supplies you need is not a given for every student

FARGO, N.D.– United Way of Cass–Clay is providing students with the materials they need to succeed in school.

Having all the school supplies you need is not a given for every student.

“Even walking into school and not having a backpack that first day, that excitement is kind of gone, that excitement of being just like everyone else in the school and being just as prepared as everybody else was kind of missing,” Horizon Middle School Counselor Rachel Lerum said. 

United Way of Cass–Clay is doing their part by preparing students through their 20th Annual School Supply Drive.

This drive provided 5,800 K–12 students from 65 schools in Cass and Clay Counties last year with a backpack full of school supplies.

“It’s about bringing community awareness to the needs that we have and bringing resources together to meet those needs,” President and CEO at United Way of Cass-Clay Kristi Huber said.

This year, United Way wants to provide over 6,000 K–12 students with a full backpack.

“You know I think of it like if we went to work and we weren’t prepared,” Lerum said. “If we went to our desk or wherever we sit at when we are at work and we don’t have a laptop, a computer, or a tablet, or pens and papers, you can’t do your job.”

This year, Scheels is donating 500 backpacks aimed at the style preferences of middle schoolers and high schoolers.

“They feel ready; they just feel like everybody else in the classroom,” Lerum said. “You know what I mean? Like when the teachers say okay day one we’re going to look at the syllabus, take out a notebook, take out a pen and paper, they can do that.”

Scheels’ donation is in effort to encourage others in the community to donate.

“This event really does bring the community together, our corporate partners together, and our non–profit work together in order to serve 6,000 children in our community and to make sure that they have the best first day,” Huber said.

Click on the link for more information on the United Way of Cass-Clay School Supply Drive.


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