Dakotans For Health Warns Lawsuit Could Leave 40,000 North Dakotans Uninsured

FARGO, N.D. – The group Dakotans For Health says 40,000 North Dakotans could soon lose health insurance coverage.

Attorneys General from 20 Republican–led states, including Wayne Stenehjem of North Dakota, have filed a lawsuit arguing the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional.

Congress repealed the law’s individual mandate that fines people for not having insurance. The Supreme Court has said the mandate is crucial for Obamacare since it gets healthy people into the insurance market.

The states say if the individual mandate is declared unconstitutional, the whole law is.

Former North Dakota Congressman Earl Pomeroy, a Democrat says it’s important that the lawsuit is struck down since people with pre–existing conditions would be denied coverage and adults on their parents’ plan until age 26 would also no longer have coverage.

“That’s particularly problematic for rural communities because that’s where you see the bulk if you will of people who’ve got chronic conditions in the first place,” Acting Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Obama Mary Wakefield, a Devils Lake native, said.

“I don’t think there’s anything Republican or Democrat about whether or not an insurance company can be able to use your health condition against you to deprive you of coverage,” Pomeroy said.

President Trump wants the Affordable Care Act to be repealed saying the law is a disaster and has made premiums skyrocket.

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