United Blood Service’s Annual Blood Drive Kicks Off

They say there's more demand for blood in the summer

FARGO, N.D. — United Blood Service’s annual blood drive started on Tuesday at the West Acres Mall.

Steve Wurzer, a regular blood donor, says he thought he was too busy but changed his mind.

“It was like, ‘I don’t have time to do that, but I should do that’… And before I knew it, I was turning into West Acres and I’m here giving a donation,” he said.

That convenience was great for Dawn Hess, who’s donating because her 15–year-old daughter is too young.

“It’s a good feeling. It’s very easy, it’s a very simple thing to do to help a lot of people. So, by all means, come and do it,” she said.

United Blood Services said they need more blood during the summer.

“Just with more travel, more accidents, and more people going through those elective surgeries, as always, babies are born early, and cancer patients needing that blood all the time,” Katie Bartelson, a donor recruitment representative, said.

“I hope I don’t need it or a family member doesn’t need it somewhere in the future but I know there are other people that do need it. That’s why I want to give,” he said.

Donating one pint of blood can save three lives.

“You can impact 3 different patients in need. That’s separated in to red cells for a trauma situation, plasma for a burn victim perhaps, and platelets are given to cancer patients,” Bartelson said.

“We can be charitable, we can donate dollars, but in the case of blood, that’s something money can’t buy,” Wurzer said.

The blood drive will run until Friday, July 20 in the West Acres Food Court.

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