Miss Pre-Teen West Fargo Makes Lemonade to Raise Awareness for Epilepsy

Olivia Allen has battled epilepsy since 2009

REILE’S ACRES, N.D. — Miss Pre–Teen West Fargo did her part to help others battling epilepsy by starting up a lemonade stand.

Olivia Allen has battled epilepsy since 2009, and decided to make some lemonade to support the Epilepsy Foundation.

Dozens of kids around the neighborhood stopped by the stand to get some lemonade and donate to help her cause.

Allen says she loves the opportunity to help others and help an organization that has helped her so much.

“It feels pretty good because I know I’m raising a lot of money and so that money goes to those kids in need. It’s basically lemonade and love,” said Allen.

Olivia hopes to raise $500 to help the Epilepsy Foundation as part of its “Lemonade for Livy” campaign.

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