Olivia Allen

12–Year Old Fargo Girl Wants To Help Others Stay Warm This Winter

A blanket she received during diagnosis motivated her to create an organization

FARGO, N.D. — Olivia Allen was diagnosed with Epilepsy after suffering from seizures as a young child. During that time, a blanket she received made her feel calm. She wanted for people who were going through hardships to have the same feeling of comfort. That’s why she created a non–profit organization called “Warm Blanket Hugs,” providing blankets to those in…

Local Girls Honored With The Prudential Spirit of Community Award

Olivia Allen: Cheney Middle School; Ishika Gupta: Davies High School; Annika Kovar: Perham High School

Two girls who KVRR news has featured for their cultural and fundraising efforts are getting some national attention. Olivia Allen and Ishika Gupta have been recognized as North Dakota’s top youth volunteers of 2019 by the Prudential Spirit of Community Award program. Olivia is a sixth grader at Cheney Middle School. Ishika is a senior at Davies High School. Olivia…

Miss Pre-Teen West Fargo Makes Lemonade to Raise Awareness for Epilepsy

Olivia Allen has battled epilepsy since 2009

REILE’S ACRES, N.D. — Miss Pre–Teen West Fargo did her part to help others battling epilepsy by starting up a lemonade stand. Olivia Allen has battled epilepsy since 2009, and decided to make some lemonade to support the Epilepsy Foundation. Dozens of kids around the neighborhood stopped by the stand to get some lemonade and donate to help her cause. Allen…