Local Artists Team Up to Enhance Fergus Falls Through Art and Play

The "Year of Play" has put on several initiatives to foster creative learning

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — Local artists are doing their part to foster creativity in Fergus Falls through the encouragement of art and play in the community.

Fergus Falls artists Jake Krohn and Molly Johnston have a vision for the city’s the future.

As part of the “Year of Play” initiative, their team looks to captivate the community through projects involving active learning.

“I think it’s just a fun and accessible way to get our entire community to think about how being playful and active in our community can be helpful in growing and enjoying ourselves where we live,” said Johnston.

“Small communities like this have trouble attracting and retaining people, and I think anything we can do to make the quality of life better in the city is a wonderful thing,” said Krohn.

“Year of Play” has shown their presence through murals on the riverwalk near the Otter Tail River, and a small space known as “People’s Park” right in the heart of a parking lot.

“The genesis was that you can rent parking spots in Fergus Falls for $18 a month, so we saw that opportunity and we couldn’t pass that up,” said Krohn.

They want to make the make the most out of spaces in Fergus Falls, paving the way for people to let their imagination flow.

“We’ve had all kinds of people who have different professions and are interested in a lot of different things. Their creativity has just really burst out,” said Johnston.

With multiple projects and events staged across the city, the artists love how promoting creativity brings people together.

“There’s all different types of people that can push a community forward. It’s not just the people who are in an office or own large businesses or corporations, it’s all people who make up our town and it’s exciting. People want to live here, people want to stay here, so that’s been pretty cool,” said Johnston.

The “Year of Play” is run by the Springboard for the Arts in Fergus Falls, and looks to continue putting up murals near the Otter Tail River walkway.

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