Junkyard Brewing Holds Rare Beer Picnic

The theme was aged, soured, and infused beers

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Beer lovers gathered at Junkyard Brewing’s Rare Beer Picnic to get a taste of some unique flavors.

Jalapeno sour and cucumber pomegranate are just two of the examples.

“It’s not all weird like fish beer or taco beer,” Dave Helm, an attendee, said.

“A lot of times they’re just hard to brew in a large size so this gives the brewers a chance to make something in a small batch and give it out to people,” Red Hodgerson, another attendee, said.

Organizers say the event is highlights all the unique flavors breweries have to offer, like the aged, soured, and infused beers.

“Breweries love to experiment and that’s what we’re finding out. Everyone loves to try these beers,” Michelle Juhnke, event coordinator, said.

With 15 different vendors here, people say even if you don’t like beer, you’re sure to find something that you like.

“Some people say, ‘I don’t like beer’… you can’t say that anymore… [some flavors] doesn’t really taste like beer,” Juhnke said.

Not only is it about the twist on a traditional drink, but it’s also about the community.

The camaraderie of every brewery that’s here. Everybody coming out and having a good time together and enjoying some good beers on a beautiful day,” Brett Splinter, owner of Barrel Theory Beer Company, said. 

This is the fourth year the Rare Beer Picnic has been held. Organizers hope to keep expanding it in the future.

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