Sanford Announces $200 Million Expansion Plan

The $200 million investment will be rolled out over the next decade

FARGO, N.D. — One year ago, Sanford opened up its new medical center. Wednesday, they announced more projects that will be rolled out over the next decade.

Sanford says the plan involves changes to five “centers of excellence,” which are cancer, women’s health, children’s health, heart health, and orthopedics.

They say the $200 million investment will bring plenty of jobs and have a major economic impact on the area.

“We don’t see that growth slowing down anytime soon. We have a baby boomer population who’s going to require obviously additional health care needs so when we look at our volume projects, we see the need that we’re going to have to continue to meet the demand so people can stay here,” Nate White, Sanford Fargo President, said.

The Cancer Center downtown will be expanded, and the South University campus will become the state’s only stand–alone orthopedics and sports medicine clinic.

The first major addition in the plan will be a new 100,000-square-foot Heart and Vascular Center near the new medical center that will break ground in the next couple of years.

“All for our services around heart and vascular are at the new medical center, all the clinic and ancillary services are still downtown. So it was marrying those in a single location,” White said.

There are also plans to put in facilities dedicated to women’s and children’s health.

“For us it’s bringing on new physicians, and it’s bringing on new capacity along with just enhancing the experience for our patients,” White said.

Sanford says its medical center has already exceeded its projected 5–year volume, so the expansion is driven by the growth in the area.

They plan to recruit 20–30 physicians each year to keep up with the need. They own 80 more acres of land that they can develop.

“For the next 100 years we feel like we have enough land to continue to meet the needs for our facilities,” White said.

Sanford also plans to start a bone marrow transplant program, which will be the only one in all of North Dakota.

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