Mayor Tim Mahoney Goes Skydiving at Fargo Airsho

He says this is his first time skydiving

FARGO, N.D. — Mayor Tim Mahoney went on a tandem skydive with the U.S. Navy Seals Leap Frogs ahead of the Fargo Airsho.

“It was exciting, The team was fantastic. It was quite a rush when you jump out and you’re just free-floating. Had a great time, and the best part of it was looking at Fargo. How great Fargo looks, how big it’s gotten,” he said.

“It was really excellent to take the mayor up to 12,000 feet over the City of Fargo… the best way to see it is outside the skin of the airplane,” PRC Andrew Young, Navy Operations parachute rigger, said.

Mahoney says being in the sky is actually peaceful.

“You could see everything and it’s quiet. It’s really noisy when you first hop out and after that it’s just quiet,” he said.

One veteran who served 50 years says what he saw today is nothing like what he’s used to seeing when he was in service.

“We watched them come down and I was just amazed at how they can maneuver those parachutes. I can’t believe the way they landed with those parachutes. I didn’t know you could fly them like a plane or something,” Hilary Tauer said.

“Much different than parachutes during World War II, our parachutes are what we call steerable or flyable… we’re actually able to manipulate these parachutes just like you would the wing of an airplane,” Young said.

Mayor Mahoney says this is the first time he’s gone skydiving.

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