Navy Sailors Serve Breakfast and Lunch to People at the Salvation Army

The lunch was part of Navy Week

FARGO, N.D. — Ten members of the U.S. Navy served up smiles while helping feed people lunch at the Salvation Army.

Sailors from the U.S.S. Constitution and U.S.S. North Dakota took part, giving people mac–and–cheese, salad, bread and pastries.

As part of Navy Week, the sailors look to continue a tradition of taking part in at least one community service project, which led them to spend time with the Salvation Army.

“Not only getting to show people our stories, but hearing theirs as well. Hearing where they came from, why they’re here, why they’re in Fargo; if they’re from here or if they’ve been traveling all that kind of stuff, so talking with people and interacting is definitely I think most of our favorite parts,” said Seaman Taylor Ruggles, who serves on the U.S.S. Constitution

Before grabbing their ladles and tongs to serve lunch, some officers served up a free breakfast earlier this morning.

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