Dancers are Moving and Grooving to Help Kids Have a Better Start to the 2018 School Year

DanceUnited started 5 years ago with people from Courts Plus, now instructors from Anytime Fitness, Family Wellness and YMCA are joining in

FARGO, N.D. — The United Way of Cass Clay is collecting donations for their annual School Supply drive and one group is giving back in a funky way.

KVRR’s Jessie Cohen tells us how DanceUnited is bringing people from all over the community together to make a difference.

They are moving and grooving to the beat of each song.

“Dancing inspires people,” said Katie Mark, a Xabeat Instructor.

But those sharp struts have a bigger message.

“I know there is a huge need for school supplies, for all of the schools around town I just think it’s a great way, a very easy way to get people to have a good time two hours of dancing,” said Jamie Smith, the creator of DanceUnited.

With each sway and every wiggle, another child will be gifted this upcoming school year.

“Back to school can be stressful enough as it is, if you don’t have school supplies much less back to school clothes and all that kind of thing, we’re just trying to make it easier and it’s easy to do it this way,” Katie said.

DanceUnited started 5 years ago with people from Courts Plus.

Now instructors from Anytime Fitness, Family Wellness and YMCA are joining in.

“The first year we did it we had maybe twenty people and maybe just a couple boxes of supplies and now it’s turned into obviously this,” Jamie said.

I had to get out here and dance myself and don’t forget even if you’re not dancing today you have until Friday to donate a backpack to the 6,000 that are needed.

And let me tell you I’m not the only one who loves to dance.

“For Pete’s sake my hair stands on end,” Katie said.

It gives people a chance to do what they love, while doing something bigger than themselves.

“Make a kid smile their first day of school,” Jamie said.

“It’s really incredible because it’s kind of like Christmas for a lot of kids I mean most kids get to go back to school shopping with their folks and pick out their supplies and these kids don’t have that opportunity,” Katie said.

Dancers are giving back to United Way, but this once a year event also unites dancers as one.

“A lot of these instructors teach at multiple guys so to get them all together as one big family is super cool because it doesn’t happen all the time,” Jamie said.


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