Three Bears Honey Co. Prepares for Harvesting

This 35-year-old family owned honey company has over 30 different bee yards

MOORHEAD– Three Bears Honey Company has the buzz on all things sticky and sweet!

This 35-year-old family-owned honey company has over 30 different bee yards, with each hive containing 50-60,000 bees.

The company is spending the month of August harvesting the honey from their bee yards.

Bees are not only the source of honey but also a vital source to the food we consume on a daily basis.

“I understand that about a third of our food is dependent on the honey bee for pollination, so they’re very important to our food chain,” Three Bears Honey Co. owner Paul Luthi said. “It’s just fun being a part of producing a product that people enjoy and working with the bees and just seeing how they work.”

Luthi advises people looking to help the bees to plant “bee friendly” flowers.

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