A&E Network Cooks With One of North Dakota’s Top Crops

"Food Quest" is filming three segments on soybeans

FARGO, N.D.– One of North Dakota’s top crops is headed to the A&E Network this fall.

It may seem pretty simple at first, but soybeans can be used in recipes both sweet and savory.

“It’s so versatile, from a canned product to a frozen product, to shelf staple products,” The Soyfoods Council executive director Linda Funk said. “So, you can use it from breakfast to dinner to lunch to snacks and it’s really, really healthy.”

“Food Quest” on the A&E Network is filming three segments on soybeans.

The first segment features recipes like edamame salad, tofu pudding, and cookies, all containing a form of soybean.

“We want people to know that there are soybean fields all around us and what do those soybeans do,” Funk said.

The recipes are meant to inform consumers on what the soybean does, and which parts of the country they are coming from.

“I think it’s all about showcasing our farmers and their families and the dedication that North Dakota farmers have to producing high quality products,” North Dakota Soybean Council executive director Stephanie Sinner said.

The North Dakota Soybean Council was there to watch the filming process.

“The products that come off of our farms, you know specifically soybeans, go around the world and make an impact on people all over the United States, but also globally,” Sinner said.

“Food Quest” will air this October on the A&E Network.

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