Teenager Gets Stuck in Mud While Swimming in Sheyenne River

The boy was able to get out of the muddy current on his own power

WEST FARGO, N.D. — A 17–year–old South Fargo boy got stuck in the mud while swimming in the Sheyenne River Tuesday morning.

He was going for a swim with his dog around 9:30 am on Tuesday, but he ended up getting caught in the muddy current.

A West Fargo Police Officer happened to be driving down Sheyenne Street when the boy was in the river, and immediately called dispatch.

The West Fargo Police Department and West Fargo Fire Department responded to the scene, but once they got there, the boy was mostly freed from the sludge.

“He actually basically got himself of the mud, he was kind of stuck in the mud, but he worked himself out of the mud, and worked himself to shore and was pulling himself out. When we got there, we just wanted to make sure he was completely out,” said Battalion Chief Kendel Frost of the West Fargo Fire Department.

The boy and his dog were not injured. He was released to his parents.

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