New Members Elected to the Richland 44 School Board After Recall Election

COLFAX, N.D. – Scott Hendrickson, Amy Lehmann and Jody Lingen won seats on the Richland 44 School Board after a recall election Thursday night. Incumbents Lisa Amundson, Josh Mjoness and Sarah Myers were voted out.

The school was recently part of a hazing and sexual misconduct investigation.

The perception of Colfax may be a slightly tainted from the controversy the local high school has faced during the last few months.

But every community member I talked to, who didn’t feel comfortable speaking on–camera, say it’s not a representation of the entire town.

They say at the end of the day, Colfax is really just a small community where everyone cares about one another and is willing to lend each other a helping hand.

In fact, it’s why more than 100 voters cast their ballot in a school board recall election at Richland 44.

“I’m here because things have kind of gotten a bad reputation and things have been pretty negative about the community and it’s just a matter of getting involved. It’s not a matter of running away from the problem, we’re all here to solve the problem,” said Neil Berseth, who voted in the election.

The results of the election will decide whether three incumbents including former board President Lisa Amundson, Josh Mjoness and Sarah Myers will stay in their seat.

They face five challengers including Paul Lucas, Derek Beito, Scott Hendrickson, Amy Lehmann and Jody Lingen. No one could be reached for comment.

One voter told me he cast his ballot because he didn’t think it was necessary to replace any of the incumbents. He said “they are incumbents for a reason.”

But another voter who graduated from Richland 44 last year, says he got involved in the election because it’s his way of speaking up for a school and a community meaning so much to him.

With the results coming in soon, some just hope it will create some change.

“It’s no different than the a company or whatever. People come and people go and you always hope the people you replace will be better people,” Berseth said. “Or at least go in the right direction and I’m not saying they were bad people around here. It’s that sometimes it’s time for a change and this is what it’s all about.”


Area 1

Scott Hendrickson 205 56%

Josh Mjoness 155 42%

Cody Reiland 2 0.5%

Logan Robertsdahl 1 0.2%

Jasmine Paczkowski 1 0.2%


Area 3

Amy Lehmann 233 58%

Lisa Amundson 157 39%

Shawn Paczkowski 3 0.7%

Cody Reiland 2 0.5%

Vance Wagner 1 0.2%

Joe Storbakken 10.2%


Area 6

Jody Lingen 208 53%

Sarah Myers 122 31%

Paul Lucas 55 14%

Scott Gauslow 4 1%

Brady Kummer 1 0.2%

Kim Berseth 1 0.2%

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