New Technology and High Voter Turnout Changes the Voting Experience for People in Moorhead

The lines moved faster, the process took quicker and it's all because of some new technology...poll pads

MOORHEAD, Minn. — As Minnesotans lined up to vote in the primaries, many noticed new technological changes that sped up the process.

KVRR’s Jessie Cohen tells us about some of the changes and how they have affected voters.

“I was at a polling location when they first opened this morning and those first couple voters first came in right as the clock hit seven am,” said Lisa Bode, the Governmental Affairs Director for the City of Moorhead.

During a year where voter turnout is expected to be high in Minnesota, people lined up at the polls.

“The issues that they stand for affect all of us citizens in Moorhead and Minnesota and so it’s important to get out there and vote for who you want and what you want I guess to happen in Minnesota,” said Kiesha Blaser, a voter from Moorhead.

“I think there are a lot of people that recognize it as an important privilege and we’re happy to facilitate it,” Bode said.

The lines moved faster, the process took quicker and it’s all because of some new technology…poll pads.

“Today was really fast I think I was in and out in a max of like five minutes,” Blaser said.

“Instead of the voting judges having to look through stacks and stacks of paper records, they are able to access the voter records in immediate time online and help to register new voters that same way,” Bode said.

Many locations saw numbers much higher than in years past.

For example, one south Moorhead precinct saw over 300 people where just a few years ago they saw around 25 during the primaries.

“In presidential elections, in National elections it can kind of feel like your vote doesn’t matter, but I think you can especially see the impact in the local elections when the person you voted for ends up serving and it’s just really cool because it makes you feel like what you want and what you stand for actually impacts Minnesota,” Blaser said.

Those with the city of Moorhead say greater turnout and the advancements in technology will enhance the experience for voters in November.

The poll locations changed for many in Moorhead this year.

To find your updated voting location for future elections, visit their website.

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