Moorhead Fire Department is Looking to Hire New Firefighter

Applicants should have at least a high school diploma and basic firefighter training

MOORHEAD, Minn. — If you love helping people and serving the community, the Moorhead Fire Department may have the perfect opportunity for you.

“There’s a lot of adrenaline, thinking about what’s the best route to get there, is there construction, is there other factors that inhibit our ability to respond,” Mark Olson, a firefighter, said.

Those are things he thinks about when he goes on a call.

People who apply to be a firefighter will go through a written test and an interview. Applicants should have at least a high school diploma and basic firefighting training.

“We’re looking for motivated individuals who have a desire to serve the public. Customer service is our number one goal, and we respond to a whole variety of emergencies and situations people need assistance with,” Chief Jeff Wallin of the Moorhead Fire Department said.

They say it’s important to do your research.

“Our advice to applicants is to prepare for the major portions of the exam. There are test preparation sites to prepare for the written tests, also a lot of information online about how to prepare for interviews in general,” Wallin said.

Firefighters say the job isn’t just about sitting around and waiting for calls to come in. It’s also training, maintaining, and always being prepared for what could happen.

“There’s lot of training involved that [people] don’t see or understand. They just come in and see a bunch of guys sitting around a table or whatever when we’re not busy… there’s a lot more to it… a lot of things to know, remember,” Olson said.

“Even the little things about making a positive impact in somebody’s day is really what makes the job,” Wallin said.

You can find the application here. Applications are due on September 7.

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