Man Overcomes Personal Tragedy to Build Up His Food Truck Brand

The "Heavenly Hawg" has been open for the last year

FARGO, N.D. — Thane Fliginger has always been passionate about barbecue and grilling.

But about a year ago, the grill became his source of comfort during tough times.

“We lost our father, my grandma passed away, lost my son, so the only good thing that felt good to make that pain go away was to stand in front of your barbeque and grill,” said Fliginger.

Thane found a trailer in Oklahoma, which he turned into the Heavenly Hawg food truck. In just a year, the popularity of his barbeque transformed what was once a side project, into a full–time journey.

“It’s just like your barbeque hobby getting a little out of control in the backyard. We used to cook for twenty or thirty, now with the truck and two big smokers, we can cook for three to five hundred. Every weekend can be booked if you want it to be,” said Fliginger.

One of the big events for the Heavenly Hawg is the Fargo Food Truck Festival, which for the last five years has brought different flavors of food to one location.

“This food truck family, these guys come, some are local, some from far, but it’s kind of like a family reunion, they come together, help each other out,” said Mike Schmitz, the General Manager of the Fargo Horse Park, which hosts the Fargo Food Truck Festival every year.

There are twenty food trucks taking part in this year’s Fargo Food Truck Festival, giving people many chances to try great food like ribs.

The ribs aren’t the only thing that has helped his dream take flight.

As Fliginger continues to serve customers, he keeps his family in mind every time he revs up the smoker.

“So you’re saying a few extra prayers. Maybe mom’s listening, maybe Chase is listening. You like to live your life like you’re going to heaven on that day. Well we’re not going to heaven today, but you can visit the Heavenly Hawg,” said Fliginger.

Heavenly Hawg has taken part in the last two Fargo Food Truck Festivals.

The Festival will continue at the Fargo Horse Park until Sunday.

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