“The Bridges,” A New Housing Complex That Gives Students a Unique Experience, Opens Near NDSU

The building is marketed towards students looking for independent living

FARGO, N.D. — A new housing complex called The Bridges has opened its doors near the NDSU campus.

“The second I saw it, I was like, ‘I got to be part of it.’ This is just amazing,” Raven Kitzan, who’s moving into the Bridges, said. “I chose it based on all the amenities… it just really fit my lifestyle.”

The apartments opened on Aug. 16, and students are moving into their brand new homes ahead of the school year.

The building has been under construction for over a year.

“We have a student concept— student living, and what it allows is advanced dorm life or a luxury dorm life. There’s no RA here, it allows them to be themselves and take the next step in life and not be tied to a dorm area,” Brent Tabor, owner representative of The Bridges, said.

The Bridges is not affiliated with NDSU, but is marketed towards students.

“NDSU and certain other colleges have been getting more popular so they needed an extension or more living spaces, so we took it upon ourselves to build a student living apartment complex,” Tabor said.

There are plenty of spaces that cater to students, like a fitness center, study rooms, and an automatic convenience store.

“In the past I tried to live in nicer places, but they definitely didn’t have any amenities. You just get your apartment, you go in, and there’s not really a lifestyle with it. It’s just where you’re living until you’re moving out,” Kitzan said.

If you want to just kick back and relax, The Bridges also has a game room that has everything from foosball to ping pong to pool.

People say those living in the area also make the place what it is.

“I’m most excited for the game room and the courtyard and that atmosphere of all the residents being here. Everyone’s got such great attitudes, and they’re really looking forward to moving in they’ve been waiting a long time. We’re ready to be out there,” Kitzan said.

There are 364 beds in The Bridges, all with individual bathrooms. The beds are individually leased, but there’s also a roommate matching program.

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