NDSU Students Move Into Dorms For New School Year

Over 400 volunteers helped with Move-in Day

FARGO, N.D. — It’s that time of year again: the next class of students at North Dakota State University moved into their dorms to start a new chapter of their lives.

“I’m very excited. It’s going to be fun… meeting new people and learning new things,” Cole Cook, an incoming freshman, said.

About 3,000 students moved into NDSU’s dorms. Over 400 volunteers were there to help everyone get their things in place.

There will be Welcome Week events throughout the rest of the week. There is an app called “NDSU Welcome Week” where you can keep track of all the events and make a schedule for yourself.

Parents say there are a lot of emotions that come with sending their kids off to college.

“It’s bittersweet. We’re sad to see him leave, but we’re excited for the new opportunities ahead of him… starting something new and leaving the nest, all that,” Sheri Cook, Cole’s mother, said.

Starting college is a big step not just for students, but for parents, siblings, and friends as well.

“I’ve waited for this for a long time, and I’m glad to be here,” Riley Grow, another incoming freshman, said. “I’m really excited to meet a lot of new people and faces and make a lot of new friends.”

“He’s been ready for college just in his personality and temperament for some time, so we’re all ready. Maybe there will be a tear or two on the way back, but we know this is a great next chapter for him,” Derrick Grow, Riley’s father, said.

Riley won’t be short of familiar faces in his new home away home. He’s known his roommate, Chandler Born, for years.

“I am very excited. Like on a scale from 1 to 10, I’m an 11,” Born said.

Both students and parents say that a key part to this chapter of life is discovering who you are as an individual.

“The overall feeling of being alone and being on my own. Growing up, growing closer to myself,” Born said.

“When you’re at home and you have parents taking care of you, you don’t necessarily know what you’re made of. It’s when you’re on your own you really start to see that,” Kate Halek, Chandler’s mother, said.

Sending kids off is certainly a transition for parents as well.

“I don’t know what the empty nester thing will be like, it’s a theory I guess, but we’re excited about that chapter in our lives too,” Derrick said.

“Let go. And get them stacked up with snacks. Enjoy the process. Our parents have tendency to worry, I’ve watched a lot of parents be so agonized over it. Enjoy their fun and their joy in it and don’t let your sorrow overshadow it,” Halek said.

The first day of classes will be Tuesday, Aug. 21.

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