West Fargo Football Places Importance on Brotherhood in 2018

The Packers won the Class AAA state title in 2017

WEST FARGO, N.D. — The packers had a stacked, unstoppable  line up in 2017, but they’re now without some of their big name guys heading into the new year.

“We lost a huge senior class, 25 guys last year and most of them played,” head coach Jay Gibson said. “We had [Jake] Faircloth, [Tanner] Zepeda, [Joe] Pistorius. Not only did we lose the starters, but we lost backups so we have a whole new look.”

That new look means a lot of underclassmen will be called on to carry the load.

“We’ve got over half the guys starting are going to be underclassmen,” Gibson said. “When you’re doing your job sometimes you learn on a job and that’s what we’re going to have to do.”

And even as the 3-A defending champs, coach has bigger goals outside the Xs and Os.

“Winning, losing is all fine but we want them to come out of here with a good work ethic,” Gibson said. “We want them to have brotherhood. Last year’s team, I’ve never had a team like that. Those guys, they loved each other and it was a great feeling and we want our guys to do the same this year.”

Even his players that hoisted the championship trophy in 2017 are buying into this mentality.

“All the guys that I’m playing with  it’s just an awesome experience and win or lose we’re a family,” senior Brandon Steinhauer said. “I think as long as we play together it’ll be fun and it’ll be one awesome last ride.”

The Packers will host Minot in the season opener Friday night.

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