Several Organizations Speak Out Against Recreational Marijuana Legalization

They want people to vote against Measure 3 in November

FARGO, N.D. — Several people and organizations are speaking out against the legalization of recreational marijuana.

They’re urging people to vote against Measure 3 in November.

Representatives from North Dakotans Against the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana, the Cass County Sheriff, Smart Approaches to Marijuana, and the North Dakota Chamber argued about the harms of marijuana.

They say the measure would end restrictions on driving under the influence of marijuana and smoking it in public buildings.

“Legalization is about one thing and one thing only. A massive commercialized industry that’s out for a profit. It is not out there looking out for our kids, our families, our communities,” Luke Niforatos of Smart Approaches to Marijuana said.

The pro–marijuana group “Legalize ND” argues that some legal substances like alcohol and prescription drugs are more deadly than marijuana.

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