Block 9 Project Breaks Ground in Downtown Fargo

The project is set to be completed in 2020

FARGO, N.D. — The Block 9 Project, which will be a landmark building in downtown Fargo come 2020, broke ground.

The $117 million project will include a building, plaza, and parking garage. It will be 18 floors and as tall as the Radisson Hotel. The space will be mixed-use and have a boutique hotel and restaurant, condos, and businesses.

“We’re really excited about this because it starts to mix Fargo up. We become an urban city. We become an area people want to live by. Not all millennials want to live in a house and mow the lawn,” Mayor Tim Mahoney said.

The plaza will have an ice rink in the winter and a splash pad in the summer.

“We’re excited about all the projects that will follow afterwards as well. We hope we can be an inspiration for many projects in the future,” Mike Allmendinger, president of the Kilbourne Group, said.

The construction group says they’re making an effort to make the building process as disturbance–free as possible.

The Fargo Park District says it’ll be working to put on over 200 events a year using the space.

“We start looking at things we have existing that we can make even better. When you start talking things like movie nights, our concerts in the park, there is no better venue we can think of than something that is truly a community space,” Joel Vettel, executive director of the Fargo Park District, said.

Those involved say they want downtown Fargo to become a destination that people from all over will visit.

“The diverse area of our community is right there in downtown. We can take that, that level of excitement and say, what’s good for everybody and provides opportunities for everybody,” Vettel said.

Block 9 partners say not a single taxpayer dollar is going towards the project, and there is no financial risk for the city.

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