“My Disease Won’t Stop Me From Living”: People Take Steps Towards a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

There was a feeling of power, strength and motivation at the annual JDRF walk at Scheels Arena

WEST FARGO, N.D. — For the fifth year, people are gathering at Scheels Arena to fight for a world without type 1 diabetes.

TJ and I (Alison Voorhees) had the opportunity to emcee the event and hear from those whose lives have made a 360 because of the disease.

KVRR’s Jessie Cohen captured the walk and tells us how they are steps closer to finding a cure.

Whether it was because of the 27 added teams…

“You could just feel the energy because everybody is down on the arena floor”, said Tammy Beintema, with the JDRF Minnesota Chapter-Dakotas.

Or the bright and smiling faces…

“It’s just so great seeing that person have their insulin pump, that person checking their blood sugar,” said April Stastny, a mother with type 1 diabetes.

There was a feeling of power, strength and motivation at the annual JDRF walk.

“One of the first things that a doctor told me was you will be able to do everything that you have done before. That was some of the best advice I ever got,” said Cade Busek, an 18-year-old with type 1 diabetes.

After living with the disease for 6 years, that message was the strength Cade needed to continue to pursue his passions.

“I thought when I was diagnosed, that was going to be the end of football for me and I’ve never missed a play because of diabetes,” Busek said.

For others it gives them the confidence to let go.

“I just love seeing all the kids having fun and connecting with each other. They get to see that there are other kids just like them here but it’s also the support,” Beintema said.

Hundreds are raising funds to find a cure for the one out of 250 people diagnosed with diabetes.

“Hopefully finding a cure. I want a cure so bad,” Stastny said.

But they are getting closer.

“Knowing where we’ve come in the last five years on research, we’ve done a small part of that by fundraising and helping move the needle forward,” Beintema siad.

After being diagnosed in her early twenties, Tammy reminds young fighters that type one and type two couldn’t be more different.

“We didn’t get this diagnosis because we ate too much sugar and so many people think that.” Stastny said.

“It is an autoimmune disease it was the immune system that went haywire,” Beintema siad.

As they continue to complete research, JDRF gives people a home away from home.

“Just to be the normal kid for a day where a lot of people here are type one diabetic,” Busek said.

“The support and community that I found with this organization I mean we all have something in common and it’s just absolutely phenomenal to have people come together and share in what we have to go through day in and day out,” Stastny said.

So far JDRF Fargo has raised $86,519 of their $100,000 goal.

If you are interested in giving back to the cause, visit their website here.

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