ND Medical Personnel to Assist with Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts

Two teams of 28 people will make the trip to Raleigh on Wednesday

FARGO, N.D. —¬†Fargo is 1,500 miles away from the flooding and devastation brought on by Hurricane Florence, but that distance won’t dampen the spirits of volunteers eager to make a difference by helping the victims in North Carolina.

“People are losing their homes, people are losing everything they care about, everything they take for granted, and if I could do something to help that, I’d be more than happy to do it,” said William Franklund, an Emergency Management student at NDSU.

Franklund has been an EMT since he was 17, but he is one of several volunteers from across North Dakota who will be providing aid to hurricane victims for the first time.

Also making her first deployment to the East Coast is Therese Goe, who says the flooding she experienced growing up inspired her to help out.

“Seeing how much everybody came together in the Fargo area and seeing how many people came to help us. I went out to Minot when they flooded to help out with them, and I really enjoyed that experience. That was super fulfilling,” said Goe, who splits her time as a real estate agent and paramedic.

The team from North Dakota travels to Raleigh, North Carolina on Wednesday, and some of the team members say they don’t know what to expect when they land.

“That’s something you can find in these types of situations is they can tell you 101 different things but when you get on the ground it could be totally different,” said Franklund.

As they head down to the East Coast, the volunteers say working with other people from North Dakota will make the tasks easier to handle.

“You can still feel that sense of familiarity because it is North Dakota and we can all relate to the same things going on,” said Franklund.

For Goe, she says her hope is that this mission inspires others to help others, including her son.

“Airplanes and hurricanes are his biggest fear, so we’re going to tackle both those fears this week, but he’s really looking forward to tell his friends and sharing at school what I’m doing,” said Goe.

The two teams of medical personnel from North Dakota will be stationed in Raleigh for the next two weeks, and will report on behalf of the North Dakota Department of Health.

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