14 People Selected for Jury in 1st Day of William Hoehn’s Murder Trial

The trial will last nine days

FARGO, N.D. — William Hoehn, the man charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the death of 22–year–old Savanna Greywind, begins his trial.

In day one of nine, a jury of 12 people and two alternates are selected for the case.

That jury is made up of eight women and six men.

It took all day for the defense and prosecution to question nearly 50 people before choosing 14.

A lot of the prospective jurors say they knew about Hoehn’s case but will be able to put it aside to give him a fair trial.

One of the first questions there were asked is whether or not they’d be able to make a fair decision based on solely using the evidence if Hoehn chooses not to take the stand.

They were also asked questions like “has anyone dealt with baby deliveries other than in their own family” and “if you committed a crime and police knocked on your door, what would you say?”

Only four people were excused from the courtroom throughout the day.

Hoehn pled guilty to kidnapping Greywind and giving misinformation to police earlier this month.

His girlfriend, Brooke Crews, was sentenced for the murder of Greywind back in February.

Crews and Greywind’s parents are on the witness list for the trial.

Opening statements begin on Wednesday morning.


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