NDSU Students Look to Future at Agriculture and Business Career Expo

120 employers and recruiters met with students for agriculture, business, marketing, and sales opportunities

FARGO, N.D. —¬†Growing up in the rural city of Carrington, Alex Jarrett came to NDSU looking to make an impact in agriculture.

“You grow up around it, everyone talks about it, everything is agriculture. It seems like every business in town knows what it is, it’s agriculture, so that’s how I got to know it and that’s how I got to love it,” said Jarrett, a senior at NDSU.

Jarrett is one of several NDSU students who want to make their mark on the future of farming.

Several employers are impressed by their drive to succeed.

“They know what they want to do. They have a lot of good education from NDSU and what they want to do, and they’re really excited about it, and take a genuine interest,” said Casey Anderson, the Production Manager at AGT Foods.

There are 120 different employers at the NDSU Agriculture and Business Career Expo, and they say having different experiences across multiple fields is essential to succeed in today’s economy.

Focusing on the business side of agriculture is already something NDSU students embrace.

“Getting to know all of it helps a lot just because I think no matter what job you pick in agriculture, you’re going to have to do a little bit of everything,” said Jarrett.

With many students looking to find their mark, many recruiters are optimistic about the future of agriculture.

“By having quality people coming to work for us, it keeps us on the cutting edge of food science and food technology,” said Anderson.

The career expo continues Wednesday, with about 250 businesses expected to attend.

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