Trump Jr. Talks Oil Industry, Economy at N.D. Petroleum Council Meeting

He also urged people to vote in the midterm elections

FARGO, N.D. — President Trump was in town just a couple of weeks ago, and now his son is in Fargo to give a speech to the North Dakota Petroleum Council meeting.

In a talk called “Unleashing America’s Economy,” Donald Trump Jr. spoke about what he considers his father’s accomplishments and why it’s so important to vote in the midterm elections.

“All of the success that we’ve had, all of the economic metrics we’ve blown out in terms of all time low unemployment numbers, all–time high stock market numbers, bringing manufacturing back into this country, that is all at stake in six weeks,” he said.

Trump Jr. credits his father with building a strong economy and creating jobs.

His remarks are in response to comments President Obama recently made about how economic recovery started under his own administration.

“You did build that. You did build your businesses,” Trump said to the audience.

“It was a great speech, it was well received by the audience, but I think what this crowd loves to hear is the difference North Dakota is making for the country,” Kari Cutting, vice president of the N.D. Petroleum Council, said.

Trump Jr. says 22 regulations have been cut for every new one put in place.

“Ridiculous and arcane regulations created by bureaucrats who have no idea what drilling is, what fracking is, they couldn’t tell the difference between oil and water,” he said.

“The whole country is coming together, the shale revolution is happening, in North Dakota, we’re so proud that we, with 750,000 people get to play a part in this new energy — what the president calls energy dominance,” Cutting said.

Both Trump and those with the council say producing domestically is better than paying other countries.

“It’s here, and we can control our destiny, we control who we pay for our energy,” Cutting said.

Many public officials were at the meeting, including Congressman and Senate Candidate Kevin Cramer and State Senator Kelly Armstrong, who’s running for his seat. Senator Heidi Heitkamp appeared in a video message.

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