Three Moorhead Mayoral Candidates Discuss City’s Future at Forum

Downtown revitalization, promoting business activities prominently discussed

MOORHEAD, Minn. — With Del Rae Williams ending her five–year term as mayor, the three mayoral candidates realize that the next few years are pivotal for the city’s future.

“We’re going to have 61,000 people projected by 2045. You need leadership in place that is thinking outside the box in order to make sure we are prepared and we are staying one community,” said Johnathan Judd, one of the candidates.

Brenda Elmer, who has served two terms on the Moorhead City Council, says a big thing to foster the city’s growth is to lessen the tax burden on businesses and residents.

“I will work to make it easier for businesses to expand and locate in Moorhead. I will work to keep property taxes in check, and diversify our revenue so you are not so vulnerable to tax increases year after year that are not sustainable,” said Elmer.

After getting his Bachelor’s degree from MSUM, business consultant Newzad Brifki says a revitalized downtown is essential to keeping more dollars, especially from college kids, in the city.

“When they have time off, where do they go, where do they eat, where do they enjoy themselves for the time being? They go to Fargo, so we need to try to do something in downtown that they can walk to and make it a more walking–friendly environment close to campus,” said Brifki.

In addition to downtown revitalization as well as inviting more businesses to operate in Moorhead, several of the mayoral candidates want college kids to stay engaged in the political process, and ultimately live and work in the city.

“We need to consider growing our own and keeping them here. The workforce depends upon our college students, and the fact that they are going to be remaining in this community, and we need to start planning a future with the students,” said Judd.

Nine of the ten city council candidates spoke at the event.

One Ward 2 candidate submitted a video for the voters to watch.

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