Making the Vote Count: Cass County in Need of 100 Election Workers

Moorhead is also needing 10 people to serve as alternate election judges

FARGO, N.D. —¬†With five weeks to go until Election Day, Cass County election officials are looking for people to ensure voting goes smoothly.

The county is currently looking for 50 election clerks as well as 50 election judges.

Election clerks make sure voters are registered and bring their ID’s, while election judges hand out the ballots and ensure that each of the votes are properly recorded.

“They’re the ones on the front lines that are basically carrying out what we train them to do, so as far as following state law with regards to Voter ID to giving the voters the necessary information on how to complete their ballot,” said DeAnn Buckhouse, the Election Coordinator for the Cass County Auditor’s Office.

Meanwhile, Moorhead’s city clerk says they have all their election judge slots filled, but they need ten alternates in case a judge can’t carry out their duties on Election Day.

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