Twenty DUI’s Made in Vision Zero Campaign

The data is from July through September

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Police made 20 DUI arrests and wrote 27 distracted driving citations from July through September.

The data comes from a campaign called “Vision Zero” by NDDOT. The department gives a grant to Fargo’s Police Department during the three months to provide more patrols for impaired driving enforcement. Most of the time, officers were doing extra patrols late at night on Fridays and Saturdays to find impaired drivers.

“A lot of times we say ‘don’t drink and drive’ is to not drive drunk. But it’s also hard know whether or not one or two is going to get you over the limit and what you’re actual limit is. Buzz driving is drunk driving, .08 is the legal limit so we are looking for all violations for impaired driving,” said Jessica Schindeldecker, with the Fargo Police Department.

Officers also wrote 21 speeding citations, made two drug arrests and served two warrants.

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