Scheels Arena Has a Major Upgrade: A New Four-Sided, HD Screen

The screen debuts at the Fargo Force's home opener

FARGO, N.D. — If you’re headed to see the Fargo Force this weekend, you might notice something new at Scheels Arena.

There’s now has a four–sided, HD screen. This is an upgrade from the two end boards that were only standard definition.

Not only is the screen new, but the arena also has new cameras, a new operating system, and new PA system.

The addition was hung up only two days ago and debuts at the Fargo Force’s home opener.

“We hope people come here and realize it’s more than hockey. When we ask people, ‘have you been to a game of hockey?’ ‘No, I don’t like hockey.’ We want them to walk in and realize we’re a great family event. We’re a place you want to go out to on a Friday or Saturday night when you don’t know what else to do,” Jon Kram, general manager of the Fargo Force, said.

The Force is one of the few teams in the U.S. Hockey League that has this type of screen.

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