Cambodian Orphanage Shares Hope in Dance with Park Christian School

The group is performing traditional Cambodian dances at schools and churches across the United States and Canada

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Rescue Cambodia Orphanage made a stop at Park Christian School in Moorhead to perform traditional Cambodian dancing.

The Cambodian dance group is made up of twelve Cambodian teens from the rescue orphanage.

The group performed Hope in Dance to the kindergarten through twelfth graders at Park Christian School.

The teens from Rescue Cambodia Orphanage are performing at schools and churches across the United States and Canada over the course of seven weeks.

“It’s exciting for students to be able to see a traditional dance from other cultures and so being in North Dakota, inviting that in, actually in our school, is just an exciting experience,” Park Christian School elementary principal¬†Amanda Schouweiler said.

“I love these kids like crazy,” Rescue Cambodia Orphanage founder Marie Ens said. “I look at them and I want to cry, the dancers, they look so lovely and do such a good job and they get along so well with each other. I think if I could kind of sum up what kind of place of rescue it is, I would say it’s a place of love.”

Rescue Cambodia Orphanage is traveling to Spirit Lake, Iowa for the next performance.

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