Home-Care Provider Gives Tips on Mental Health Warning Signs in Seniors

FARGO, N.D. – This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week, and a home-care provider wants you to know possible warning signs of mental illness in your older loved ones.

Right At Home has offices in Fargo, Moorhead and Detroit Lakes.

They say two common mental illness in seniors are depression and dementia. If you notice your loved ones’ mood change, their diet changes or if they start abusing substances, they may be depressed. Also, listen for signs of suicidal thoughts.

Barry Maring with Right At Home says mental illness is impossible to completely guard against.

“I think what everybody wants to know is how can you prevent it and there really are no sure ways to prevent mental illness. You can try to exercise, eat well, keep your brain healthy by doing puzzles and reading and things, but there’s no set way to say ‘Hey I don’t want to get mental illness. I can do this and I won’t get it,'” Maring said.

If you think your elderly loved ones have a mental illness, you’re encouraged to contact your primary care provider immediately.

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