Anti-Marijuana Group Speaks Out Against Measure 3 as Election Day Approaches

The measure would legalize marijuana

FARGO, N.D. — “Healthy and Productive North Dakota Against Measure Three,” a group opposing the legalization of marijuana, is pushing their message as Election Day approaches.

They argue that states like Colorado aren’t reaping all the benefits that were promised with legal weed.

They say it’s a bad idea to legalize marijuana in the midst of the opioid crisis and that more research needs to be done.

Some people on the pro–marijuana side were also at the meeting to hear their opponents.

“This is a decision that will affect every single person in North Dakota in ways most can not likely imagine. It’s a decision that would have a lasting impact on the state,” Krisite Spooner, chairman of Healthy and Productive North Dakota, said.

“They do have some legitimate concerns, but for the most part they absolutely do not outweigh the benefits of what can happen if this does pass,” Cyrus Sarabakhsh, a sponsor of Measure 3, said.

Measure 3 is one of four measures on the November general election ballot.

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