Red Ball Sees Snow for the First Time After Traveling Around World

It's been to over 30 cities worldwide

FARGO, N.D. — You may have seen that big Red Ball around town this past week. Now, it sees snow for the very first time.

The ball was placed in front of the Fargo Theatre for the final day of its Fargo tour.

The Red Ball Project is a traveling public art piece by Kurt Perschke. It weighs 250 pounds and is 15 feet high. It’s deflated when it travels. The ball has been to more than thirty cities around the world.

“It’s exciting. We’re happy to be out here at the Fargo Theatre, and it seems fitting on our last day in Fargo we get some snow. The ball is waterproof so just like if it was raining, we’re all set to go,” Mike Faba, production manager for the Red Ball Project, said.

As for what’s next for the ball after Fargo…the team says they’re taking a break for winter.

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